We deliver high quality, timely products to retailers and consumers every day.


Our sales professionals work closely with customers, assessing their needs and using market research and retail and fashion trend forecasts to carefully select the right product offering for consumers. We conduct in depth analysis of retail sales data for actionable information to impact sales.


Our creative teams are ready and equipped to generate fresh ideas when our customers are looking for new direction. Our adaptable team can also effectively run with a customer’s vision and take it to the next level. Our process begins with listening first, then reacting with custom designs and samples  to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.


Our emphasis is first and foremost on quality. We assess factories based on certain key criteria, guaranteeing that we receive the best product while meeting all standards for safety and compliance. Additionally, in an effort to meet all of our customer’s diverse needs, we are continuously deepening our relationships globally and successfully partner with multiple factories and agents. Each step of the production process is monitored by our Hong Kong and Guangzhou China sourcing offices.


We have a top-down philosophy when it comes to the flow between the “point of origin” and the “point of consumption”.  Throughout each phase of the supply chain process we plan, implement, and coordinate  every detail,  taking special care  to meet local standards and exceed our customer’s quality requirements.